International Conference on Cosmology- Religion and Science in Dialogue

Time: November 26, 27, 28, 2004 (Friday through Sunday noon)

Place: The Arens’ Theatre and Conference Center, Fu Jen Catholic University

Organizers: Ministry of the Interior
                  Center for the Study of Science and Religion, Fu Jen University
                  Department of Religious Studies, Fu Jen University
                  Department of Philology, Fu Jen University

Sponsors: Fu Jen Catholic University
                National Science Council, Executive Yuan


This Conference is a sequel to the meeting held in May 2002 at Fu Jen Catholic University: “International Conference on Religion and Science in the Context of Chinese Culture.” The meeting was organized by the Department of Religious Studies and the Center for the Study of Science and Religion, both of Fu Jen Catholic University, with funding from the Center for Theology and the Natural Science in Berkeley, California and Taiwan’s National Science Foundation. The enthusiastic discussions of that meeting led to this further conference, “International Conference on Cosmology: Religion and Science in Dialogue.”

The conference will consider three main topics from the viewpoints of contemporary science, philosophy and the Taiwan religious traditions: (1) the origin of the universes, (2) the origin of life and (3) the human person – matter and spirit. A total of eleven papers will be presented followed by two panel discussions.

The purpose of the conference is fourfold:

  1. To consider questions of origins and becoming from scientific and religious perspectives- to locate areas of convergence as well as differences.
  2. To further dialogue among various Chinese religious traditions, philosophy and science.
  3. To better understand Western and Chinese traditions of science and cosmology.
  4. To integrate the concerns of scholarship, education and society with regard to questions of origins.