Center Members

Director:Dr. Maria John Peter Selvamani

(Ph.D in Zoology, University of Queensland, Australia. Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Engineering, Fu Jen University)

Academic Coordinator:Prof. Frank Budenholzer

(Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL. Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, Fu Jen University)

Administrative Member:Jiang Meng Rong

Research Assistant:Zheng Wen Xuan

Advisory Committee (Arranged by Chinese last name)

Dr. Maria John Peter Selvamani, Director, Center for Science and Religion

Dr. Chou Shang-Shing, Professor, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Frank Budenholzer, Professor- emeritus, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Marian Kao, Professor, Department of Philosophy

Dr. Chen Mei-Ching, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology

Dr. John B.Chuang, Professor and Chair, Department of Religious Studies

Dr. Jenq-Tay Yuan, Professor and Dean, College of Science and Engineering